In the video piece Tango, produced within the context of the exhibition "art and politics" (workshop) the artist plays with the image of a pair of dance that with total professionalism performs a tango in the middle of a desolate scene. The empty space is none other than the old abandoned swimming pools of the Laboral University of Gijon. That exaggerated dance us engaged in the idea of the political histrionism and dislocated gesture, almost pathetic exaggeration, that of the political class, dancing her dance on the ruins of the society that just you know, is the gesture of the distance, of a sort of enlightened despotism that threatens us that we know, but we just do nothing to prevent.

Tango is the visual representation of the desolation political, ideological and gestural Mannerism that is primed with us, a dance on the ruins, the tango is a sad, bleak, music while our conformism is agiganta.que are the abandoned spaces, traces of an industrial past that still resists to live.