"If Opus Sit" —if necessary— is a piece in neon Avelino Sala who, with a luminous SOS, exhorts us from the heights of the city. Installed on the old city wall of Palma and the Museum of contemporary art Es Baluard at his feet, "SOS" (2013), is a work that is by all evidence, in a reality, in an immediate notice: we are in a situation of emergency, enable us. When the system collapses to some artists they have obliged to denounce what is happening to try and get that society moves, do not have many more options than the own commitment, opting to issue warning signs, knock down borders, raising barricades and consider new ways. The etymology of the word crisis refers to a moment of change, a turning point, a temporary space where the problems multiply but also opportunities. We are plunged into the larger transformation that we remember the paradigms of the society, the economy, culture and art, a change that has come to base of sticks and a creativity spurred by the hardness of the hits, an emergency that we don't know how will be resolved, a turning point not just visibility that generates so many expectations as fears. Now is the time. Emergency is a dangerous situation, but also is the Act of Excel above a level. Our current situation is so close to the ruins of an empire that went bankrupt, the banal remains of the temples of the show that were —and are — our contemporary art centers, and of uncertain light at the end of the tunnel.