I think that examples of artistic approaches that try to live up to there are (or better located in the abyss) a time of destitution. I mean, without specify in any specific work, to a theoretical, and plastic attitude as the of Avelino Sala, as part of the dislocation of contemporary to propose other cartographies, testimonials or stories that do not necessarily have to transform into "slogans", but that have relevance and context setting, that is, put us at the forefront of the conflict. Dogs, babies, or the man of zeal that builds room introduced into dislocated daily both transparency as the obstacle, from his strong sense of silence, they allude to the traumatic, are a form of reality that does not uses the sublimation. Manifesto is the interest of room to generate unrest, reflecting, without rhetoric or literalism, human behaviour at a time of radical crisis, with the intention to express "question from a critical perspective, the social, geographical and political context in which we find ourselves".