I am not an animal, I'm a human being, I am... a man!

These famous words of Joseph Merrick talk about the distance between our ideals about tolerance and xenophobic troops generated limits cultural.

Merrick was a Victorian freaky that I rescue poverty Dr. Frederick Treves and the WhiteChapel Hospital treatment. This icon a particular London area inspires Avelino Sala to ponder the psychological of the East End and how geography emigration and mix defines the icon of a new male elephant, composed of a puzzle of races, a collage of cultures and a mixture of traditions which coexist in this particular area of the city.

Sala took pictures of people in the neighborhood of up to 23 different nationalities and with this collage of races generates a new elephant man.

A tribute to the hybridization, the place where leads us the future.

In gratitude, that image back to the streets, in the form of Stencil, and generates a reality of the average new, intriguing.