The work Patria or morte! curated by Teresa Macri is a site-specific to the Royal Academy of Spain, which aims to create a dialogue with the city of Rome. The work of room during the last years has been marked by the historical memory and its poetic reinterpretation, symbols of power and its assimilation in the current context of the contemporary social. The sentence, ambiguous, both attributed to Mussolini as to Fidel Castro among many others tells of the heroic nature of the slogan, poetics of the sacrifice, the romantic aesthetics of classical tragedy. The project is, in last instance, an aesthetic reflection on the monumental, the monument, the reinterpretation and a transverse look at the trace of what this city was a day. In the path of Avelino Sala has been repeated, in different occasions, the use of linked with political slogans. In the case of this important canvas presented in this exhibition you can read one of the most repeated phrases in the space of the historical reference to a difficult choice: homeland or death. A slogan military located at the Academy of Spain in Rome he regains a new artistic, political and ironic meaning. In fact, it's show with a slogan the difficult situation in which living art as proof of the overcoming of difficulties through the vital commitment.

Avelino Sala performs a re-reading of one of the important principles in the politics of the 20th century that has been used by the fascism of the left and right. As we know, the phrase was initially used by Fidel Castro, but really reminds us of the manipulation exerted by the mechanisms of power in that strange tune of ideals linked to the heroism and survival. It is the case of the use of the phrase by several armies in South America, such as Venezuela, when in fact what is at stake is the importance of freedom and choice. Furthermore, it is converted into advertising slogan, as Elias Canetti, since the use of the slogan belongs to a rhetorical trick that was nothing more than the cry of the dead who helped to fight against the enemy.