We find ourselves at a crucial historical moment, the so-called crisis is not so, it is the end of a time, a time of change, in a way of understanding life. System change (hopefully inthe right direction, but I don't think so). If the ferocious capitalism that we have experienced dying of success, that is, autofagocitando is, we must understand that things have to change. On the other hand, we are still in a process of loss of liberties and all the backward steps that we are taking will be difficult to recover them. Photographs of Paranormal activities function as visual diary, the example of the flâneur make references to the life, the death but also references on both personal and collective memory. I try themes that seem to me essential especially in the context of each place, that is, pieces prepared for particular places. Art can not be oblivious to what is happening and question things is necessary, I believe that art does not give answers, it proposes questions, that's the key of the artist, their language and their need. Nor, he is sought after transgression but sometimes approaching those areas, those spaces or gaps posed by art, read between the lines, look at the holes that the others do not. Playing in the appropriate key, click, put your finger in the sore.