This project was born from the idea of tracing a non-linear relationship of the present exercise linked to different past in the history of Italy without resorting to clichés, by means of a simple action and intervene the pages of a book of Italian architecture. Specifically of the Renaissance. Understanding architecture as a symbol of power, as well as a recipient of the (collective) memory of a linear historical process, the buildings reinterpreted in the pages of the book have been witnesses of all. Since re unification or the Fascist era or today, also witnessing a cultural change always linked to historical moments, from the side of power or against it. In the collages appear frames of films of Pasolini, (Accattone, Mamma Roma...), images of Garibaldi and other actors of the processes like the poet Pound and pictorial images of the Risorgimento. In these interventions the doors and windows of the buildings disappear and inside those spaces are those people who are on the run also, in a historical transit driving them definitely to the escape.