Currently, the activity of art must be a kind of symbolic grammar, interpretation or reading that in the case of Avelino Sala can be linked to concepts that offer an interpretation of the situation in today's society, deepening and telling both his emptying, and their dispossession or their theft. It is the emptying of the ideals, the annihilation of a time out piss [out of joint]. In this case, Sala raises through a tunnel, the output of unique marble quarry in Carrara city underground, a metaphor for a while "in transit". In a time in which the accelerated life is synonymous with "success" both professional as staff, in the words of Lipovetsky in his book The hypermodern times (Anagrama, 2006) "ours is no longer the time speed, but the urgency, the time of zero, the immediacy of the instantaneous time" the idea of the trip as transit both personal and collective becomes a way of understanding the world and perhaps in a way strange to ourselves. This inner journey raised as the exit of the cave (Plato) but also the origin of everything, of the culture, that culture that is embodied in the ill-fated marble as a principle of art and a tradition in these moments.