Avelino Sala work not only scratch our personal memory, but that universal and collective, that file of records common to all Chronicle of revolt, attempt to change from the place of the resistance.

Online, with Archaeological Museum of Revolt, room plays ironically with classical showcase of file format for display in Museum registry key a series of stones collected in different manifestations of the world.

From here, following installation, Sanpietrini, decides to go from one of the stones of the place that gives title, and revert to false metal illustrious, to make a cast, this time in bronze. A series of drawings in graphite of the Roman road accompany paradigmatic cobble, the same type that was launched in may 68 and usual material in the barricades, but this collected in one of the manifestations of the Black Blocks occurred in the Italian capital. As in those cases in which the museum showcase houses archeological remains of common family, in this wanted to put the accent magnifying one of the stones, —recourse to that fetish that we both like in contemporary art— to show how easy that is giving an object a greater symbolic importance and turn it into a reference work.