The dialectic between consumerism and communication in the current global era is reflected through the eyes of a whole generation of young artists who, through the appropriation of tools in the field of advertising, reflect different facets and layers of the same rebuilding a consumerist myths of society.

Christian Jankowski discusses this phenomenon in humorous in its Videokunstmarkt (Art Market TV) TV, which shows two television sales channels in works of art you can buy them. Raymond Pettibon, Vanessa Beecroft and Yoshitomo Nara are some of the products that go on sale with an eloquent rhetoric about the properties of each work and the justification of their price, as if it were a vacuum cleaner, a cleaning set, or any product of home shopping. While consumption scenarios are of different scales and with different logics, from the neighborhood, to the commercial macrosuperficies or Internet shop, transnational business strategies, and advertising are similar at any point of the planet, as an indissoluble global ghost of any contemporary society. These strategies are discussed in the work of Avelino Sala the medium is the message / fear is the message, perversely manipulating the famous phrase of McLuhan in a video that appropriates the aesthetics of ads aimed at young audiences. Ten people pronouncing a word each, creating a spot where he reflects on the dialectical dimension of communicative structure, and the protagonists of this - emitter and receiver - trasvasan their traditional roles.