If as Adorno says on "Minima Moralia" the consciousness of the liquidation of the individual by the collectivism in late capitalism is the shock end to achieve a new individual existence away from slavery and the economic law"his words are more topical than ever. In this time of crisis and transition, this quest for a new freedom leads to walk through a real and metaphorical tunnel or a long journey to nowhere.
In any tradition of thought can return to the cave. The Allegory of Plato is a metaphorical explanation, carried out by the Greek philosopher at the beginning of the seventh book of the Republic, on the situation in which the human being with regard to the knowledge. There Plato explains his theory of how using knowledge can grasp the existence of two worlds: the sensible world (known through the senses) and the intelligible world (only attainable through the exclusive use of reason).
In this time of chaos, in which this plunged the capitalist system, it is obvious, that something crumbles and all reason has been lost. One of the options is to return to the cave of knowledge but also to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
Series of collages come on the one hand to the ability to explain the crisis by means of images and the current time for another to use only art magazines indicates that the information that appears in important art magazines (a market that seems to be oblivious to this situation) is also entrenched. You can position themselves with the works of others, making a metaphorical barricade, using images of advertisments of galleries draw a map of how artists are reflecting what happens. Or at least can be used as an instrument of replicated the work of other.