We have already anticipated that Avelino Sala uses linked items to the control, suppression and power, but also structures of defence and attack, to build three-dimensional pieces that move between the irony of his sculptures and the rotundity of its facilities. "Turtle" is a modular structure made of transparent shields of anti-riot forces. It is a sculpture by minimalist accompanied by a series of lights on the inside, and that, metaphorically, speaking on defense but also on the vacuum, work the secrecy of State power, and the distance of these with the citizen.
One-piece transparent but rigid and impregnable, inaccessible and impenetrable for the individual, society, their interests and their claims, made up of a few elements that are undoubtedly one of the most troubling symbols of the unequal power of this State which has been established in the gray area of our time. The other part made of the sound absorbent material is the work DEMOCRACY, a sculpture of 9 meters. This work remind us the idea of the lost voice of the citicens and the perverted use of the word Democracy.