A traditional Spanish layer hangs from a rope, almost by way of puppet. In the back and the false distinction of embroidery in gold letters reads: Larvatus Prodeo. This quote from Descartes, advance masked, appears in Preambula, one of the letters of the philosopher of dualisms, convinced of the effectiveness of his rational method versus useless disputes of his scholastic peers.

Own layer Assembly because it shows everything, insisting on the idea that everything is manipulated and his way to show puts us in relation to the explicit and the occult of the Cartesian philosophy.

And is that perhaps we have become accustomed to always be wearing mask, or which always lead them, to this false diplomacy of the double behavior.

Spanish, Pocket tool layer and masked crime —reason for their ban at one time by Esquilache, inevitability of history lessons chapter— was also protagonist of much of our literature, especially that of the glorious golden age and its shiny characters, fiction and the heading. The Spanish layer, sign and extent of the lineage, has accompanied the imagination of this country and has immortalized across all its cultural manifestations.