In the case of Avelino Sala, bonding resistance and monitoring has led to a new space where they remain pending. A place identified with hotels, motels, inns, nursing homes and hospitals (hotel, motel, hostelry, hospital). They are places that shelter and spaces where it is ejected. When we host, we try to accommodate a hope. If we are guests, we are somehow prepared to return the received. In ancient Greece it was customary to give a coin to the visitor who had been at home. The host wore half is, the other half was for the host. If someone ever came with that currency, or Yes we were those who offered it and agreed, that was no longer a stranger and is inviting him to enjoy the hospitality.

In these images, Avelino Sala proposes a lucid reflection on reading and entertainment proposing a change of lyrics, litter (litter). In this change of meaning, we are no longer hostages (hostage) occurs when a metaphorical change in reality. Split currency where the hostility turned into hospitality, the Greeks called it symbol.