The title of the action Avelino Sala leading on Funeral Pyre is a symbolic and artistic intention linked to the current critical situation. The burning of books is carbonize the representation of a symbol and turns into an ironic lighting a barricade where is has parlayed some style funeral, noting that knowledge is not only hidden fire, but everything what sweeps. While from the space of the music it is significant that the term has been inputted burn compared to the action of copy, the more reactionary tradition also are on fire records in public bonfires.

Avelino Sala poses that layout the current crisis should not be matter of immobility, but quite the opposite. Bet build based on books a black barricade and funeral should not mean another thing not to grant anything more than the effort and the own vitality of a fire capable of retaining the memory from the ash. A kind of useful protection in critical moments, as a block of Defense inspired in the trenches. In this sense active of artistic intervention, Avelino Sala offers new ways of reading and light from a certainly required resistance, symbolically registered at the sign of the times that lie ahead.