Sublime. Art contemporary culture magazine was born in the year 2002 with the initiative of the plastic artist Avelino Sala and the art critic José Luis heart Ardura, who co-directed it with the artistic PSJM team initially.

Sublime. Art contemporary culture publishes an annual monograph on paper and disseminates various contents, related to contemporary culture in its various manifestations, through its digital version. has been evolving since its premiere on the web. Recently, and on the occasion of the celebration of the 2011 ARCO contemporary art fair, he premiered his latest version in which it has been proposed a new design based on a more organized and in a renewed and airy visual approach content structure.

As part of this expansion through the digital media project, has launched its own page on social networking site Facebook to promote dialogue and the participation of its readers. A platform of cultural mediation for the exhibitions Committee, is also the mainstay of dissemination of Commission Curatorial Group, carry out artistic projects and dissemination.

Sublime. Arte + Cultura Contemporánea and its natural offshoot offer an alternative and free space for reflection and disclosure of everything related to culture and contemporary art understood as elements active and clearly integrated within society.