The drama is a situation so natural that suddenly appears when we least expect it, is the case of the collapse of ideologies, the fall of the walls, the overthrow of idols, or the ethical Precharged. Sala presents a reflection about the apparent split between art and design, to talk about the place where we can distinguish them, objects that possess a utility - in this case, the practice of the surf - and those that are artificially useless - a table that is going to sink with safety-, but which will lead to an experience of the sinking of the thinking. If Nietzsche distinguished between the heavy cling to old or new tables and the weightlessness of flight through the empty, room reflects between the waiting and the drama of a registered trademark which is made public. Night as announcement of a next hell where venture, a drama and a comedy that announces entry into another gruesome place: lasciate ogni esperanza, voi ch'entrate.