In "Journal of...", Avelino Sala narrates, in report of research with camera key hidden, the fictional story of a blind journalist for six years under the skin of Asturian artist's success. The video summarizes the history through its abrupt ending: in a moment of research infiltrated artist decides to accept the invitation from a prestigious Bilbao curator, that in Exchange for a substantial Commission, will facilitate the sale of a part to one of the cultural institutions, to non-artistic, of the city. Hall takes over the appearance of a research program with hidden camera already emitted by television: the argument, structure, development, language, and narrative resources we are familiar and facilitate the identification with the history. Thus, the piece becomes an effective re-reading of an archetypal audiovisual product, at the time posed an ironic reflection on the daily reality of the artist, social consideration, and the role this plays in the logic art gear general.