Damnatio video corresponds to the series of works at the Academy of Spain in Rome that year and develops one of the aspects of the projects, the commemoration through a fact as it is to shoot a cannon at 12 in the morning every day, in the Mount of the Giannicolo.

In 1849 "Gianicolo was heavily bombarded by the French army who fought here to reinstall the Pope expelled by the Roman Republic. This place was practically destroyed, many people were killed and there were also many heroes."

Today in this place in the Park are reminded with a large statue to the leader of the Italian forces, Giuseppe Garibaldi. Currently, every day at 12.00 noon a cannon shot at the Gianicolo hill fires to remind the unification of Italy. The janiculum Hill is one of the seven hills of Rome and arguably has one of the best views. It was here where occurred in 1849 the battle of the Gianicolo, famous especially for how hard that was. The French army bombed the entire area in which killed dozens of people in order to reinstall the Pope expelled by the Roman Republic. France won the battle, but failed to prevent the creation of an independent Italy. Twelve years later, there was the Italian unification. All these events commemorating this legendary Cannon fires.

A slight vibration in the glasses of the part that is closer from the Academy of Spain in Rome, is the strange feeling of that action. Included in this video, that almost imperceptible vibration of a story that resonates, but that hardly is already noticeable.