In this project Sala develops his work the individual conscience in touch with history and social power, issues of identity and territory. Sala sees art as an engine of transformation of reality. The project "Autrui" is a work inspired by the transformation of the city, taking into account its social context, its industrial past and its future plans. So after living three months of residence in the village of Graulhet, works with the term Autrui as engine work, the impossibility of another, contact. Autrui (the other, the other, otherness), visual metaphor easy to extrapolate to everyday life, the clash between humans, intermediaries and fear of the other, is burned. The piece is inspired by the relationship between the communities that inhabit Graulhet: Algerians, first-generation French, Portuguese and Spanish. Each group with their neighborhood and its ghetto, in a small French town in which almost everything has closed and its inhabitants live of the State subsidy.