The distance between what should be and what is. As its name suggests, the Archon refers to power, control and enforcement. How to control and cancel a country is to control their generations; These are manipulated from the moment in which we cut their education and the development of critical thinking. As already noted the writer Italo Calvino in 1974, "a country that destroys public school do not never for money, because missing resources or its cost is excessive. A country that dismantling the education, arts and culture is already governed by what only have something to lose with the dissemination of knowledge".

Sala built a column of books that have been previously sealed with black resin. In this way — think the book as censored object, at the same time, black resin refers to mourning for the burial of the culture in which we find ourselves today. In dialogue with the column, Sala locates above a figure that emulates the thousands of young people who star in demonstrations in the squares and streets of our cities; in response, and by way of graffiti, sentence the action with the Latin phrase "Sapere Aude! (be brave to learn!).