A memory is motivation and basis for this project framed in the context of the next biennial of Havana. According to the artist: "small, in the village always saw that when a tool, piece of metal mechanics or a pair of scissors were prone to rust, they were immersed in a pot or glass with Coca Cola for several days, this removed the oxide and left the tool clean and with possibility of being used". Based on this memory - rooted in his memory and part of the collective wisdom—, the project consists of summon a community of inhabitants of the city of Havana to bring their rusty old tools to be introduced in containers with coca cola, which would be returned, free of rust.

In this case, the beverage itself and all its symbolism, is used —massively— as a tool collective performance —to transform multiple objects contributed by the community, allowing its reuse. The mark, symbol of imperialist power, —through his job as artistic material— becomes an entity of community work, change and social renewal. The action thus subverts the usual imperialist intentions toward the Cuban context, establishing a metaphorical or ironic game about the history of relations between Cuba and the United States.