As in general with the actions of Praxis, Avelino Sala part of an empty room in which, in the view of the public, will develop a work, an "exercise of continuous evolution", which shall be definitively terminated on 23 November. The first action of the artist is the writing. Room type / painted on the floor of the Gallery, with large classic characters of old, typewriter an invented speech in which interleaves randomly sentences of actual speeches of Francisco Franco and Benito Mussolini, two figures most relevant of European fascism.
Geographic and temporarily decontextualized, the new message reveals the emptiness of the rhetoric of totalitarian discourses. This is a field in which Avelino Sala has worked intensely in the last year, where he has resided in Italy scholarship by the Real Academia Española of Rome, at whose headquarters remain elements of Francoist symbols. The last works of room allude in a palpable way to totalitarianism, to the reminiscences of the fascist past Rome, and to the apparent parallels between the dictatorships.

Fading text
Finished writing, a second action escapes into the hand of the author: the speech well written will have to suffer both the passage of ARTIUM visitors and cleaning tasks of the exhibition space. The text will be progressively blurring effect of treads and washes, a symbolic action to highlight the idea of concluding with the past without forgetting what happened.
Stop! is completed with a video installation featuring two screens facing in which a singer herself performs a cappella two fascist anthems, face to the Sun and the facceta nera. The interpretation is more lyric character, by the way of the classical lieder, which military. The singer sings to herself and the audios of mingle, with Avelino Sala aims to underline the absurdity and the inbreeding of totalitarianism, the similar which are each other and relatively simple things that may be propaganda and the manipulation of people with an emotional interpretation and simple lyrics.